Anyone that has an interesting idea to research. Also, any ideas for the blog in general.

Feel free to post a comment or email me


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6 responses to “Tips/Ideas

  1. Go all in on the Bluth Company!

  2. Added a link to your site on mine.

  3. Filipe

    Would love to hear your thoughts on OPAP (this is a Greek stock and the US ticker is GOFPY) and on Corning (GLW)


    • Sorry for the extremely long response time.
      I still don’t have an account for OTC and pink sheets stocks as I still have room in my tax sheltered accounts. So I won’t really look at stocks like GOFPY until next year.
      GLW looks cheap, but it is too large of a company for my taste. I took a quick look only though. There are so many analysts following it that I don’t think it will add any value for me to spend a bunch of time researching. I am trying to stick to smaller companies.

      Thanks for the comment.


    Refresh looks great!

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