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Argh!! Kirklands.

I had started researching KIRK after they “missed” their last quarter. By the time I had finished my research the price had rebounded from $10.80 to around $12.00.

I had even written a new post about KIRK, saying that I could buy at any price under $12.50 with current outlook and valuation. I put my order in on the morning of December 3rd for anything under $12.50. But it did not fill, and the stock has moved upwards significantly. KIRK is now a “favorite” for hedge funds and has already hit almost $14.

Having the time to analyze new companies is probably my biggest hurdle in achieving high returns. Even when my portfolio positions are the weight I would like them to be, I can’t become complacent and hit auto-pilot. I need to keep analyzing more potential companies, even if the price isn’t right… yet.

This is the reason my posts are sporadic at best. I spend most of my time looking at potential additions to the portfolio.

Hopefully, I will get another swing at KIRK. Until then I will do my best to exercise  restraint and chase the stock upwards.


Disclosure: The author wishes he was already long KIRK.

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