June 2021 Update – $CSW/A.to, $OSS.v, $PSD.to, $IDG.to, $STC.v, $MCB.to, $MTLO.v, $SVT, $FXC.to, $URB/A.to

Happy Canada Day to my fella Canadians and Happy Independence Day to my friends south of the border.


I use TIKR to quickly look through ideas and check comparable companies. Would recommend. Referral code below.


Thoughts on Market Activity

Really nothing new to report here. There is a still a debate on whether or not the spike is transitory or not. I don’t know. That’s it. Most commodities have rolled over to some degree, except oil and nat gas which have been strong. It will be interesting to see how long or to what degree we reopen if there is still 25-30% of adults with vaccine hesitancy.

Looking at my portfolio at the moment… I am looking to reduce the amount of companies I hold. I have too many small positions that are somewhat distracting given how much they will move the needle.

What I’m Reading

Deep Work by Cal Newport

I really enjoyed this book and have been trying a few suggestions from the book. I have been scheduling my day in 30 min blocks that consist of either shallow and deep work. I have also removed much of my presence from social media. At least, I don’t check my Twitter timeline, but I will continue to utilize and check my DMs. I’ll give it a try for a month or so and see how it goes.

I also like to read books on parenting and relationships. Message me if you’re interested.

Posts this month

Developments on Companies Mentioned

  • Corby Spirit and Wine Limited – $CSW/A.to & $CSW/B.to
    • Lawsuit filed against them
      • Lawsuit filed on black discoloration near the warehouse
      • They stopped managing the warehouse june 30, 2020
  • OneSoft Solutions – $OSS.v
    • New teaming agreement
      • First from Worley via Advisian
      • First in Australia
      • Began trials in March 2020
      • I found this interesting from the PR
        • Hossein Khalilpasha, Advisian Principal Integrity Engineer and Asset Integrity Lead stated, “The case studies we performed demonstrated that our analysis of clients’ data using CIM with machine learning is not only more accurate, much faster and less costly for clients, but also provides state-of-the-art 3D visualization of pipeline data that empowers engineers to surface and contextualize pipeline conditions and threats that legacy integrity management systems and processes used today do not rival.”
  • Pulse Seismic – $PSD.to
    • Burgundy has been selling shares
      • Sold 360k shares
      • Still own 5.2 mil shares or 9.7%
  • Indigo Books & Music – $IDG.to
    • Reported annual results
      • Really hard to judge the business given the lockdowns in place throughout the year
    • CEO bought about 440k worth of stock at these prices
    • Though the business has proved resilient, the business does not attract me at these prices and I will not be updating it moving forward.
  • Sangoma Technologies Corp – $STC.v
    • CEO made a couple of small purchases during the sell off
  • McCoy Global – $MCB.to
    • Announced the formation of a special committee after AGM
      • I view this as positive
      • I think if they shopped this investor deck around outside O&G and an existing business they would have gotten a substantially higher valuation
  • Martello Technologies Group Inc – $MTLO.v
    • Reported fiscal Q4 2021
      • Market didn’t like it
      • Hit by fx
      • Rev up yoy with GSX acquisition
      • Adj ebitda worse yoy
      • Sounds like they have lots of promise in the future
      • Still monitoring
  • Servotronics – $SVT
    • Lawsuit filed against the CEO and the Ontario Knife Company
      • CEO has been placed on administrative leave
      • Gotta love microcaps
  • FAX Capital – $FXC.to
    • Announced the renewal of NCIB
      • Up to 1.5 mil shares or 10%
      • Daily limit of 14,758 shares
    • Investment in BioSyent
      • They own just over 2mil shares or 16.69% of the common
  • Urbana Corp – $URB/A.to

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and gets vaccinated.


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  1. Alan

    Thanks, Dean…have a wonderful summer1

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