August 2020 Quick Update – $CSW/ & $CSW/ $OSS.v $REPH $ $STC.v $ $

Sorry. This is a week late.

Some news on companies mentioned here.

Corby Spirit and Wine Limited (tse: $CSW/ & $CSW/

They posted a decent quarter.

Divi was maintained which is positive.

OneSoft Solutions ($OSS.v)

Posted a weak quarter. Mentioned some delays from covid.

They also posted an fairly material update that I think provides further evidence that they can capture sales on pipe that isn’t pigged.

Recro Pharma ($REPH)

Poor quarter. Much poorer than I expected. I posted an update with some more thoughts.

Indigo Books & Music ($

Stock has been on a tear, I own no shares. On July 10th, a filing was posted on SEDAR indicating the a fund (FGP) liquidated all their position. They were 57% of the volume since December 10, 2019.

Sangoma Technologies Corp ($STC.v)

Updated investors that they will beat previous guidance. They seem to always under promise and over deliver, even during covid. This is the type of data points that give me comfort when you get overweight a position.

Pivot Technology Solutions ($

Reported quarter. Revenue was down quite a bit more than I would have expected.  Maintained the dividend which provides confidence moving forward.

Takeover by Computacenter for $2.60 or about 40% premium. Expected to close in November after a special meeting on Oct 23, 2020. Potential arbitrage to keep an eye on.

Viemed ($

Filed a prospectus for up to 100 mil. I’m assuming they have an acquisition or some very high growth potential in the short term. They aren’t a business that is struggling for cash.


The author is long shares of $OSS.v, $REPH, $STC.v, $

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