Yet More Updates…

I have been making some changes to the portfolio. To keep track I have been just spitting out one sentence reasons as to why. These positions deserve more than one sentence in the middle of a post. I will do a post for each sell after I have taken the action.

Why would I do this? I doubt people reading the blog care. I need to track my thinking at the time in order to monitor performance long term. I am still reluctant to post on anything other than investments. I did have a post on the housing market, but that was to track what the mentality was at the time of writing. I was ready to post/rant something on labor unions, but have decided against it.

Petty Cash is about helping me, and hopefully other beginner investors. I do better analysis when I know someone else can read it. There are enough blogs out there that provide more useful information than mine.

I will do a post for each WJA, FES and EQI (all on the TSX) outlining my reason for selling.


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