I have reached the point were almost all of my positions are out in the open. There are a few that I have, but know I will be selling as soon as I can find a replacement. Having to put my ideas out there has helped my analysis process, even if there isn’t much in the way of feedback. The toughest thing about this blog is trying to get all of my grammar and punctuation in order.

Where do we go from here? This blog has been started primarily to benefit me (I know it’s selfish), but many “younger” value investors can benefit from my successes and lessons. I know reading other blogs has saved me many hours and lots of money. Given that most investment money managers can find the value of my portfolio between the cushions on their couch, mostly smaller portfolios will benefit from my analysis. In the future I will blog more on:

  • Updates from current ideas
  • Companies that I pass on (like ADF)
  • My different valuation models
  • Position sizing
  • Measuring portfolio performance
  • Other things to watch out for

I would like to start posting more often, perhaps weekly. Lets hope I can find the time. I may even start posting on my performance. I don’t want to make this blog “Dean’s thoughts on headline news…” or “Dean knows what this country needs…”, as that usually isn’t constructive and won’t help save or help make you (and me) money. I will stick to hard boring tangible number crunching, sometimes it’s the only thing that makes sense to me.


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